Claudia Lumer
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About Me
Claudia Lumer

I was born in Buenos Aires on July 5th 1967; I am a CPA from the University of Buenos Aires

In search of an artistic development and with the help of my sister Patricia Lumer, the plastic artist of the family, I begun to explore many different jewelry workshops, that way I discovered a passion through combining different materials such as silver, semi precious stones, pearls, crystals, fibers and other metals.

Each one of my pieces materializes by exploring and utilizing different elements and a variety of techniques, as a result pieces that are unique and functional, to look, use, display, share and enjoy.

The receptivity, support and interest of the people help me to grow permanently in jewelry design.

Jewelry for me is a creative challenge and a new form of communication, without numbers or words.

Claudia Lumer
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Claudia Lumer   Contemporary Jewellery

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